Air Conditioning


ACC Garage Services East London - Full Air Air Conditioning Service, Bacteria Free

Most vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and cooling system nowadays and over time the system can get clogged and dirty as the dirt particles accumulate. This leads to loss of system power and generates a musty smelly smell.

Dust channels get congested in all climate and as germs affection to breed in moist conditions its imperative to keep the Air conditioning framework clean and kept up in a great working order throughout the entire year. We can restore the freshness of your vehicle once again to the way it should be to be in less than 50 minutes.

This service is offered at a fixed price which incorporates VAT, work and parts. In the event that the temperature of your air cooling system expands within six months, we energize your framework free of charge.

The operations we perform:
Recharge coolant gas, inject new oil and replace pollen filter
Full air con service, drain & vacuum
Decontaminate the system to remove harmful bacteria
Complete the process in less than 60 minutes

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