ACC Garage Services East London - Performing Diagnostics utilising latest technology.

All vehicles are currently outfitted with a huge number of electronic control units to oversee and control about every part of the modern vehicle. An issue in one or a greater amount of these frameworks can raise different cautioning signs and influence different frameworks inside the vehicle.

At ACC Garage Services East London we have the right diagnostic supplies and technical training to translate and correct the flaw that is bringing about those irritating cautioning lights. We can, on numerous events, totally reset the framework and return the vehicle to typical operation. This typically requires the fault to be recognized and repaired first.

Our diagnostic testing can diagnose and correct:
Starting Systems
Tow Bars
Charging Systems
Fuel Injection Systems
Engine Control Systems
ABS Control Systems
Airbag Systems
Immobiliser Systems
Lighting Systems
Electrical Power Steering Systems
Electric Window Systems
Fuse Boxes

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