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ACC Garage Services East London - GPS Tracker

ACC Garage Services uses the latest GPS with built-in GSM technology to ensure pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service. All our tracking devices connects with UK base web tracking server. This means you won’t have to rely on third party companies for your tracking needs.

Our server is very user friendly and most features are customisable by users including icons, colors, units of measure (ie. mph/kmph), time zone, vehicle details and so on. Our server keeps log of your tracking history for 90 days, which means you can recall tracking history of an earlier date.

Our software engine can provide you detailed statistics which can be exported as printable web pages or excel sheets. These statistics include general information, travel statistics with real addresses, fuel consumption, zone in/out reports, event reports and many more.

For a Payment of £285 we will fit a modern compact tracker unit. And for an Annual Fee of £20 you will have your own username and password to track your vehicle live on you PC or Laptop.

Check out the Dashboard as it appear in the image on the right hand side.

Some of the features are present below:

Real-time (Live) vehicle location support
Engine Cut-Off Remotely
SOS Alarm support
Remote Monitoring web/mobile interface
Built-in GSM and GPS Antenna
Built-in Battery for alarm when power is cut
Complete vehicle tracking history records
Suitable for single vehicle and Fleets.

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