ACC Garage Services East London - Vehicle Servicing

When it comes to vehicle maintenance most of us don’t give much thought but a small investment in routine servicing and repair plus a good inspection programme can result in a good return on that investment due to the following:

Protecting from contaminated engine oil (thus more engine wear)
Reduced vehicle time off the road
Reduction of cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
Reduction of ‘surprises’ from your vehicle
Reducing chance of accidents due to faulty brakes or bald tyres
The possibility of greater fuel economy
The possibility of increased vehicle life – e.g. tyres/brake discs last longer.

With ACC Garage Services East London, all you have to do is pre-book your slot and we will take good care of your vehicle.

Some of the maintenance we perform are
Replace Oil Filter
Replace Oil using Premium Castrol Oil
Fill Coolant
Fill Window Washer Fluid
Fill Power Steering Fluid
Inflate Tyres to the correct pressure
Check Tyre condition
Inspect Steering and Suspension
Inspect Air Filter
Inspect Brake Fluid
Inspect Vehicle Undercarriage
Check All Lights
Inspect Wiper Blades
Check Transmission Fluid
Check Air Con efficiency
Inspect Engine Bay for leaks

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